Creating With Frequency

For decades now I have been fascinated by the work of Dr Masaru Emoto and lately the findings of author and researcher, Veda Austin. Water is incredible and has so much to teach us. What I've learned by following the breadcrumbs of what lights me up is that everything IS energy so everything has an energy signature, and depending on what environment you find yourself in, that frequency will effect you. Colors hold frequency, so do essential oils, sound and words.

As some of you may know, after the lockdown my in person studio closed and ever since then, there had been something nipping at my ankles, wanting to be born - a new way of doing things in the studio and what I bring to others. I struggled for awhile, not understanding what was going on. I'd receive a little piece here and a bigger piece months later....but nothing fully manifesting as a cohesive whole. 

Then came 2023. For me this year has definitely been the year of frequency. I found that I was drawn to certain music, colors and even scents differently based on how I felt inside. I began doing some research and then, to create with frequency (Frequency Minis.)

This definitely lit me up inside (still does) and I loved the idea of offering a little bit of that to others, especially when the feedback has been " I feel calm and centered when I look at this."  but that wasn't to be the whole piece of the puzzle. Just last month I intuitively felt that it was time to open the studio again, only this time, frequency would be a BIG part of what happens here. Less process and more play and experimentation. The water we use will be charged with Love and there will be music, infused with solfeggio frequencies and binaural beats. And if you so choose, essential oils diffused throughout the room to add another layer to this immersive experience.

This piece, I think, is IT. No more keeping this creating with frequency to myself. I will offer this experience in person  AND online. AND of course I will still create my own art, available in mini form or on commission! But why gatekeep it? This is the perfect time to share this with others and after our time together, send you off with your very own frequency art! Will you be healed? I have no idea, that's not my intention. My intention is to offer a respite from the shifting world and empower you with the knowledge of frequency. OF course I will still be offering all the things I used to, but with literally, a different vibe.

Play in the Solfeggio frequency of 963HZ online in this class (a collaboration with Valorie Lewis) or in a 1x1 session

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As always, I'd love to hear from you!  Contact me  with questions or to talk about commissioning your own frequency painting

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