I believe creativity brings us unique and magical gifts that help us to uncover our truest selves. We are all more powerful than we imagine and rediscovering that power is what this work and art making is all about for me. Creating with people right where they are is my passion and my soul is fed by facilitating and working alongside others.

 Having been deeply informed by loss as well as living with chronic pain for the last several years, I am no stranger to the hard and messy parts of life. I am grateful for these messy parts as they have gifted me with great compassion and sturdiness that now live inside me, allowing me to remain steady with those I work with, even through the messy times.

I have come to believe that there is beauty in our darkness and that our light still shines right there in our "brokenness". There is nothing to fix or pretty up. Maybe there's nothing to do except learn to love ourselves just as we are. Light, dark, sullen or elated....let’s bask in it all, and meet what arrives at our door with as much mindfulness, grace and power as we can. 

Here's an interview I did for Higher Journeys Radio. I come out of the "space closet" and describe some of the things I've experienced via my painting process in the last few years: