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Working Together

Are you looking for a way to transmute fear, grief, anger or stuck energy creating more room for your inner light?  Would you like support as the new world emerges or assistance in connecting with your original Self, star beings or your guides? 

Let's work together using the creative process and transform ourselves and the world from the inside out!

We are in the beginning stages of a great transition, an evolution affecting us as individuals, as well as our society and our planet as a whole. Many of us are feeling called to tap into this new energy and are finding out it's not always easy to access a light that may have been covered over by lifetimes of conditioning, old beliefs and stagnant energy.

Some of us may be waking up to the knowledge that we are starseeds and are here specifically to help with this transition but feel isolated or confused about what happens next.

This is where I can help. As a fellow light worker/starseed, I understand the need to be validated and supported as well as the desire to remember my truest self and to move in the world from this place of original power. I provide support, guidance and creative tools for shifting hard or stuck energy living in the body, making room for your True Self to emerge (Creative Transmutation). I work right beside you as we use process art and other modalities to connect to our galactic selves and/or our guides, providing clarity or messages as we play with water, color and movement.

Why This Works

As someone who has been using process art as part of my spiritual practice for over 20 years and a facilitator for 11, I can tell you something happens when we decide to create just for the sake of creating. Because there is no pressure to make something pretty or have it mean anything, the brain gets busy playing, making way for other things to arrive. Whatever arrives for us - stuck energies to transmute or interstellar beings/guides/Source with a message or image - something shifts when we get out of our own way and the process is softened by the playfulness of creativity. I am here to support and guide you as you transition from who you are now to who you are becoming.

Let’s do this together.

During our sessions, I will be guided by Source, my team and intuition (as well as yours) to determine what happens in each session.

Some of the tools I use:

  • process art-making
  • body scans 
  • somatic exercises
  • grounding meditation
  • creative writing 
  • active listening
  • heart-based questioning 
  • 20 years of my own creative transmutation practice

This practice can assist you in: 

  • transmuting fear, anger, grief or stuck energy
  • connecting with Spirit, guides or Interdimensionals
  • practicing stillness and authentic sharing in a safe environment.
  • discerning your Truth
  • cultivating intuition 
  • finding your light with chronic illness
  • feeling better in your body
  • creating boundaries
  • befriending your shadow
  • practicing self love

Gather Your Tools

What You'll Need
  • Basic inexpensive art materials - think school supplies (craft paint, finger paint, crayons, markers, watercolors) and something to create on or in (art journal, old book, piece of paper, cardboard...)
  • A container of water (for creative endeavors)
  • A journal for writing
  • A strong internet connection
  • A private and quiet place to meet

Options For Working Together

($60) An hour long session Guided by Source and Intuition to provide support, guidance and creative tools for whatever you are needing in the moment.

($222 or $444) Digging In - A Commitment to working together over time allows for our sessions to create "muscle memory" in your body making it easier to apply what we've practiced into your life. Plus it saves you some money!

Are you an Awkwardly Zen member? Contact me  to schedule a session

Monthly Classes! 

Make sure to check out my Prayer Cards class HERE

Or a collaborative class to creatively connect with Interstellars HERE

I'd love to hear from you! Contact me  with questions

What People Are Saying:

"I wanted to just reach out to you and to let you know how much I have enjoyed doinIg our art together, it is always something I look forward to and just being with you together in the flow, I think life should be that easy."  - Kate -NJ
Stephanie has an amazing ability of holding space, helping others to feel supported, heard, and seen and to ask questions that can help someone connect with their own inner wisdom.  She is the best kind of teacher, one who is always learning and growing herself, with a heartfelt desire to be in service of the Awakening community. Her intuition, kindness, empathy, and natural abilities as a guide and healer have all left me feeling inspired and hopeful.  I am stepping more into alignment with my true desires and purpose, and Stephanie has been a big part of that journey."  --Tim Behrens - OPKS

— A.P. Tulsa OK
“Stephanie has such a compassionate and gentle way of guiding me to my own knowing. She knows the territory of the inner world and all that can happen on the way to stepping deeply into ourselves." - L.H. - Kansas City

I felt so good when I finished that it made me realize that I have no idea how much I might be struggling/suppressing/ignoring until I meet with Steph and notice such a huge difference when we are done.”– MB - OPKS

Stephanie is not a medical professional, counselor, or therapist, and none of her suggestions should be taken in the place of professional care. If you have a medical condition or health concern, always consult your doctor.


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