Frequency Minis - Small Art With A Big Heart

Something magical happened in the studio the other day! I was intuitively guided to create on pieces of small cardstock (4.25in x 5.5in) much in the same way I would on canvas or a prayer card with the exception that they would have even more intention behind them. I was intrigued and immediately started the process. It's safe to say within a few minutes, I was OBSESSED!

These pieces are created for anyone who feels called to them and are charged with words and symbols, before water and color are added.

Created in small batches and intuitively chosen, you'll receive the one that is meant for you in that moment. Although the themes may change, I was currently inspired to create the following:

  • Ease,
  • Self Love and Empowerment
  • Peace
  • Love
  • Joy 
  • Love Flow
  • Self Knowledge and Truth

Grabbing one for you or someone you love is easy. Each mini is signed and one of a kind and priced at $25 - this includes shipping. 

Simply click on the button, pay the amount and you will receive an email from me requesting your address.

Please Contact me  to commission a larger frequency painting, make one in person with me or to purchase one in the studio.

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