Can Creativity Be A Bridge To The New World?


Some people call the times we are in the great awakening, the shift, even ascension. Others look to holy books and ancient text - Krita Yuga, apocalypse, Mayan prophecy the list goes on. Astrologers point to grand alignments and solar physicist study the jump in our sun's activities. No matter how you look at it we are undeniably in transformative times.

I believe this is good news. I believe that as our planet is shifting, so is our  consciousness (personally and collectively) and this is working in tandem. Because we are in tear down mode things can look and feel dire like the world is ending, and in some ways it is. The world as we know it and all societal structures are shifting and coming to an end AND this has to happen in order for the new to be created. However, I will be the first to admit that this phase of the transformation can feel unusual at best and at worst, like Fear is dancing on my head.

So what does creativity have to do with any of this?

 I believe creativity has everything to do with how we navigate these next phases. Creativity is a bridge that can guide us through the old and into the new, easing us through the collapse of systems that no longer serve as well as assisting us in becoming an active participant of building what's to come 

Creativity helps us weather the storm of change. 

Personal experience has taught me that change goes much smoother when I've been able to lean in and accept the demise of what was. This acceptance however, would not have happened without creating my way through it. Creativity can provide us relief from the side effects of change by allowing us to process things like grief, anger and confusion in our own unique way. This can look like singing and crying in the shower, writing it out unedited in a journal, scribbling red on a piece of paper or dancing when no one is watching. Creativity has been proven to have therapeutic qualities. Additionally, I strongly feel it helps us to transmute what is no longer healthy for us to carry in our bodies and calms our minds, dropping us into the heart space where wisdom and clarity are found.

Creativity and next steps

Becoming reacquainted with our creative spark again is a next step in creating the new earth. Imagine, if we collectively began embracing this spark, the power this would have. Becoming familiar with how it feels to be an active participant in our own transformation (and therefore the global shift as well) could very well be key to what happens next. Our creative spark could ignite new inventions, help us to grow our own food or guide us in living a more heart centered life. It is from this place the new can emerge and it is why I am so excited to see what happens when those who feel called, begin to practice creative living.

Support for your creative self and the new earth

Part of my personal creative journey has been to provide different avenues of support for these transformational times and it feels good to be able to share them as our individual creative lamps switch on. MUCH of my collaborative offerings are free and I keep my individual offerings on the lower end to ensure everyone who is wanting guidance, has the means to receive it.

Lets create together! I offer 1x1 sessions online or in person

If you are looking to read a few articles about navigating the shifting times I wrote an entire series of them for Higher Journeys and you can read them HERE

If you're into podcasts, I've been collaborating with Jenny Hahn to bring The Creative Nectar Podcast into the world. We are on our 3rd season and loving every minute we get to chat about creativity, transformation and self empowerment! Listen anywhere you listen to pods or HERE

If it's community you need look no further! I am a partner and moderator for the Awkwardly Zen online spiritual community and Creative Nectar offers an online creative community, Soul Nectar as well. 

I am hopeful and excited for what comes next and I couldn't do it without creating in a variety of ways!

Stephanie Gray is a Creative Transformation Guide, intuitive artist and the co-founder of Creative Nectar Studio and co-host of the Creative Nectar Podcast. Stephanie is also a partner and moderator for Awkwardly Zen , Stephanie has been process painting and practicing intuitive art since 1996 and facilitating creative transformation since 2009. 

Stephanie creates and facilitates process art online and from Inside Out Studio located in her Kansas City home. She combines intuitive art making, frequency, creative writing, active listening, heart-based questioning and over 20 years of her own creative transformation practice to assist individuals in creatively moving energy and stuck experiences which can clear the way to living a more heart-centered life, cultivating awareness of the sacred Self.

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