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I am pleased to announce that Creative Nectar has started an online community. Soul Nectar is a collaborative project with Jenny Hahn (we founded Nectar together) and is something I have wanted for a while now. It's been pretty amazing breathing life into something so close to my heart! It's also cool to see how the community and the Podcast are already becoming their own experience - together

Why is this so important to me? Because I crave being in safe, creative spaces where folks can meet each other without all the pretext and bullshit that so much of being in the world today entails. Honestly, letting it all go and leaving the masks and labels behind WHILE creating and feeling what I am feeling is what keeps me sane right now. Offering spaces like this, lights up my heart!

Is this something you're craving too? Does the idea of showing up just as you are without pretense sound good?  Below are some more details as well as the link.

The Soul Nectar online community is a safe space for heart-centered living in a changing world.

 Our aim is to creatively support you in living more from your heart during this rapidly shifting time - and to have a personal, direct connection! We look forward to seeing you and working together.


Your $20 monthly membership includes:  

  • Creative Soul Fridays - Attend monthly live creative gatherings with Jenny Hahn and Stephanie Gray via Zoom (recordings also available)
  • Soul Journeys & Navigating the Changes - Receive personal shares and behind-the-scenes happenings in Jenny’s and Stephanie’s home studios
  • Private Facebook Group - Become an intricate part of the community with your own shares
  • Exclusive Podcast Video - Access raw, unedited monthly videos from the Creative Nectar podcast, available only to members
  • Writing Prompts
  •  Giveaways & Discounts on Products

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