Anger And Agitation - Leaning Into Discomfort

Things are feeling agitated and angry inside me right now and it feels like many of us are in the same situation.  I am continually having to figure out what is my own truth because NOTHING is what it seems anymore and this makes me squirm with discomfort - and I'm betting I'm not alone.

There's no denying it, we are living in a time of massive, history-making change.

AND I am pretty sure none of us truly know what we'll be left with when the changing is finished. So, just like with process art....I am trying to be okay with not knowing. 

The not knowing is pretty uncomfortable. But what is no longer tolerable for me is pretending like this is just another year/decade of crazy politics and global warming. Something much larger is happening and despite my discomfort, I am glad to be here and participate in this paradigm shift.

So here I am... witnessing profound outer change, in the middle of my own personal metamorphosis (of course this is no accident). And I've had to make some serious lifestyle changes in order to calm my inflamed state. 

The more we can turn off, the better we will feel.

Our central nervous systems are not designed to endure the rise in technology and the over saturation has begun to take its toll on many of us.

 I've taken the long and scenic way to get to my point, which is this: These chaotic times are asking us to live from a deeper awareness - an authentic, vulnerable and openhearted space where our true power is cultivated simply by being.

Given the current state of.... well everything, that's going to take courage. Many of us have been taught that expressing our true selves, especially when we are feeling anger and discomfort- is not welcome at society's table. We'll need to have a sturdy commitment to self care, boundary setting and loving ALL of  ourselves even our angry and agitated selves. From this place, truth can be known and all other change can occur.

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