Confessions Of A Reluctant Starseed

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I am a starseed.

  I am pretty sure this is something I have known all of my life but have never wanted to admit to myself because I thought that would mean I was crazy. I talked myself out of things I would experience and intuit, chalking it up to a vivid imagination. In the mid nineties I began to feel like something big was about to happen. This feeling would ebb and flow but never fully went away. I would wait for something "big" to happen and then when it didn't I'd have proof that I was kidding myself and continued to go on with my life, tamping down my knowing, keeping my mouth shut and feeling like something was wrong with me.

Flash forward to the year 2012 and everything began to change for me. I started to question the narrative of the world I had been living in all of my life. I started to wake up to the idea that we are more. I felt things the point of overwhelm. I had vivid unusual dreams... of crafts in the sky, being on crafts, meeting other beings and living other lives. I began receiving what I can only describe as "downloads" that would scroll behind my eyes in the middle of the night. It was around this time that I also began to know in my entire being that we were in the process of an evolution - a big shift in consciousness on the planet. In April of 2020 I saw my first UAP/UFO over my neighborhood (my neighbors and husband also witnessed this and that felt validating).

What I feel is true for me now is this: 

We are indeed in a planetary evolution to raise our consciousness and that many others are experiencing or will begin to experience things similar to what I've just shared. I am here to support this evolution by making art infused with light as well as using it as a way to connect with Interdimensional beings. Also by using my process art background and the creative process to guide others to connect to their own light and truest self and to create safe spaces for those who are feeling similar things and are needing to be heard and seen and treated with respect. 

It feels good to finally allow what I have been keeping inside out into the world. And even as I do so, I know I risk losing some of the relationships I honor in my life. But living with such an important part of me crammed down and hidden is no longer an option

Whatever we call ourselves - Indigos, Starseeds, Starchildren, Wanderers, Seekers, Pioneers, Misfits or Mystics....there IS a place for us, right here where we stand. And most importantly, we are not alone. 

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