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And Now For Something Completely Different

It has come to my attention that I have a deep, slow burning fire in my belly that has been dampened by my sorrow and tears. Tears I have allowed to flow for a very long time. I am okay with that because this dampening has been necessary for me to feel safe. Now however, it's time to allow my fire to be fanned by the wind of change and I'd really like to set some shit ablaze.

So here goes. 

 All the divisive bullshit in the world is a sticky web and unless we begin to see this as a collective, no amount of protest, bill passing or incarceration will set us free from this gummy trap. We continue to be asked to pick a side, to get on the "right" side of history. We're being told that this is a war and maybe it is. My True Nature certainly feels at war with who it is my conditioning and society is asking me to be. Maybe if there is a "side" to choose it's the side that embodies our truest Self. 

However, I am not speaking to one particular side here because the web, like any web, must be built from one side to another. The harder we fight and struggle in the web, the stronger it becomes.

It is time for something completely different. A fierce and cleansing love that resides deep within us all, is asking to rise up so that we may gather together, free of sides and free of fear. 

The love I am describing here knows nothing of finger pointing or sides and it knows that staying divided only keeps us small and alone. 

This love is aware that division perpetuates a cycle, of us vs. them. A cycle that has been worn deeply into the groove of our existence for centuries and has kept us playing small. We are at a crossroads as love asks us to walk down another street and do things differently this time.

Imagine the power we could create if we were to join hands (literally and figuratively) and pulse a warrior light out into the world and then right back into our sacred hearts.

What if, instead of screaming and blaming and taking the anger to the streets, we gathered in those streets from all sides with one purpose - to deliver the most powerful love in existence. This power could burn up the sticky web in an instant. 

For many of us, this time we are in right now feels like the end. I state this - for anyone reading these words and for myself - what feels like the end could very well be the beginning of a new way of being that enables us to become the Truest version of our beautiful self while  ushering in the knowledge that we are way more powerful than we think we are.


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