Healing And Spirituality

I've begun to think of my healing journey and my spiritual path as the same thing. And as I write that, I feel a little weird about using the words, journey and path, because they both indicate that there's an end to something - a state of static that I don't currently believe is attainable. Life is energy. Energy is flow. But that could be an entirely different post. 

So, back to healing and spirituality. I used to think healing meant there was something really wrong with me and generally speaking something wrong with me physically. What I have come to realize is I am healing all the time, although it's more of what I have always considered to be my spiritual practice. I am Healing from - negative self talk, judgement of myself and others, competition, comparison, over doing, control, over thinking and people pleasing - just to name a few. Also, each time a piece is healed, it brings me closer to my Soul. 

You want to know something else that's healing? When I notice things start to shift a little and I feel growth occurring, I don't suddenly believe that I am good and I will never find myself back in "that place" again. Because honestly I might and that's okay. The healing occurs as I meet that place in me with open arms.

As I heal the spiritual, some of the physical stuff heals too, and the bottom line is this; healing occurs when I can tell myself "I love you, no matter what".

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