It Won't Always Make Sense

Lately I have been ridiculously grateful for the 20+ years of process art practice I have under my belt. Because seriously? Shit is getting weird and right now, it's not making sense.

If there is one thing I've learned from creating in this way it's that things generally won't turn out as planned - sometimes they'll be infinitely better and sometimes not. But no matter what... with process art, it doesn't matter. Things don't have to make sense or look "right". I create with my intuition. I let my decisions about what comes next arrive from what stirs my heart and soul. 

Naturally, this practice finds its way into my day to day life and I notice I am able to meet things with a tad more grace than I have in the past. Sure, it's not always comfortable but when I can call myself home and can just be present...I know I am okay, as is.

 Paint, images, water and presence - sometimes it's all that's needed for a fresh perspective.

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