Feeling Trapped and Shining My Light

Feeling lost and trapped this morning. 

"Trapped" is something that has come up for me again and again since I was very little (geography, relationships, physical illness). I work with the feelings of trapped in my body. I Paint them. I Write about them. This is all good and allows space around the tightness. 

I am also reminded today that "The Sacred has me right where She/He wants me" and that I can look on adversity of any kind as a reminder that I can shine my light despite what I might consider to be "broken" or a "problem". I don't have to wait to get rid of, or transmute anything...I can be, as I am and my light is right here waiting for me (thank you Matt Kahn). 

And I can hold more than one thing at once. I feel trapped and deeply loved at the same time. I feel tired and on fire at the same time.

There is truly nothing to fix. I can trust and I can continue to call myself back home, over and over again with a gentleness sorely needed right now.


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