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Swimming Out of the Main Stream

I will never be what's considered "main stream". I will never be the kind of person who has thousands of likes on her Facebook page or the cool girl everyone wants to hang out with. 

The art I make is weird, sporadic and not for sale. When I write, it's raw, truth - telling and not very "sexy". I go to bed early and get up way before the sun, so you won't find me networking and mingling at parties or open studios. 

If you want to find me, this is where I will be. At home, with myself. Getting comfy in my own skin, making art and asking awkwardly deep questions of myself and others. 

Coming to terms with the reality of my situation in this life has been painful at times. AND mostly freeing. When I became OK with who I wasn't, I found abundant room for who I am (and the magic that comes with her). 

I've been thinking about what I want in this new year. Here's what I came up with: 

I want to bring about a deeply seated love of self to my life, so firmly in place that it follows me wherever I go. And I want this for others. 

I want to be an agent of change, a fire-starter - I imagine placing sacred kindling under the butts of those I connect with and lighting a match, watching sparks fly.

I want to live and breathe color, images, patterns and words.

I want to share and connect with others who feel the same stirrings and desires and who also feel a bit out of place in the main stream.

YES! Let's find each other and make art together. Let's write and talk and laugh and dance. Let's create an off-shoot from the main stream. A small and vibrant creek maybe or a beautiful, fresh-water brook - babbling away - teeming with life. 

This is what I want. How about you?


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