(This spilled out of me this morning in a Facebook post. I think it may be more of a note to my Shadow Self, than to anyone else.)

Do not mistake my silence for complacency or disregard. I care and feel so deeply that at times I have no choice but to back away and go within. Going within is how I recharge and how I do my own shadow work – helping me meet others in a naturally compassionate way.
Do not imagine that I have chosen a “side” in this insane civil war we are living through, I have not.
Please do not think I have “given up” because I am not chasing my own tail trying to promote what I do, clamoring to be seen and turn you into a believer of what is working for me.
Do not believe for a minute that just because I am not climbing some made up ladder of success, that my offering in this world doesn’t matter - and how I do it isn’t amazing - because it is.

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