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Mundane Magic

Showing up for myself and figuring out how that looks and feels for me, seems to be much of what I am working on this year. It's not easy for me to show up....just for me, but I am noticing shifts.

The other day just because....I found myself in my yard, sitting on a big, flat rock - the sun was there and the rock was warm. I ended up hanging out on that rock and watching the pine trees dance for 20 minutes. It was soothing in a way that I am not used to.

Wednesday I found myself in the studio....just because. I worked for much longer than normal collaging a bookshelf and it was a magical experience. I definitely felt like I was in collaboration with my Soul....True Nature....Goddess within...whatever name I try to give the un-nameable. I was so enraptured by the process that I did not stop after my normal two hour time allotment. I knew my body would hurt and I didn't care. I just kept going.

I have done this in the past and have usually topped it off with a large dose of self-destructive guilt ( a great way to diminish my experience). This time I said "fuck it" and that was that. I knew the next day would be all about rest and ice packs and anti-inflammatories...and so it was. Sooo worth it!

I've noticed I like to show up on this blog when things are powerful, intense or a bit messy but what about the everyday magic? There are some really amazing times in my life that I pass off as just being ordinary stuff that actually are extraordinary, expertly hidden in their mundane packages. I am beginning to catch on and recognize these moments for what they truly are - sacred. 


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