Reciprocity And The Permission To Let Go

: a situation or relationship in which two people or groups agree to do something similar for each other, to allow each other to have the same rights, etc. : a reciprocal arrangement or relationship

Things have been asking to change in my life for awhile. As a result I now find it nearly impossible to show up for anything where I carry most of the energy. The over-efforting it takes to keep things alive leaves me tired and run down and I'm done. If you are in my life and are not holding up your end of things, our relationship will be changing. Please know this does not mean I love you less, it means I have to start loving me more.

This turn of events will be applied across the board - work, family, friends, old habits - it all has to change.  As of this very moment I will only be offering up as much as I am given. Reciprocity. The thought of not having to work so hard feels delicious in my body. The idea that I can do this and it doesn't mean I am giving up, allows my shoulders relief. I give myself permission to let go. (Insert smile here).

I am letting go:

If you say you will get back with me and don't - no worries. However, please do not expect me to chase you down.

If I send you a text message and it consistently takes you over a week or more to respond...I will no longer initiate contact.

If I send you an email asking for a response and receive nothing, I will have to assume events we've started together are no longer important to you and I will move on. (This also includes initiation of contact - I will no longer keep a ball rolling all on my own. If you are interested in what's happening in my life or have expressed interest in working together, please reach out.)

If there is something I am offering in my work and I've kept it going with little to no response, it's gone. Time to start something fresh.

I will also be asking myself  some tough questions and notice where I'm not showing up in my own life. How have I been absent to those who continue to show up for me? Where is it I drop the ball? When do I play hide and seek with myself?

The realization that I can live my life like this is exciting and scary. I know some people, things and ways of being will begin to fall away and I feel a little sad. However continuing to live in this way just doesn't work anymore and I am curious to see where this letting go will take me.

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