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A Sturdy Golden Thread

 These past few weeks I can honestly say I see movement and growth resulting from this process work that I do. Believe me, there are days when I wonder why the hell I bother because it feels like nothing is moving and none of it makes sense. But lately, I get it! For me it's about being able to go within and validate and nourish myself instead of looking outside somewhere for my sense of security or to feel like I matter. I am not saying I am in this place all the time. What I am saying is that when I am there, it's an amazing feeling because it's REAL. It is my truth and it's solid and strong. I don't have to worry about someone else's approval or live with a subtle fear that a person or place outside of me might take that approval away. I can feed myself and I am not going anywhere. 
THIS is why I do the shadow work and am curious about the dark stuff that resides deep within me. I am starting to mend all the torn and tattered pieces of myself back together with a sturdy, golden thread and what is being created is a beautiful tapestry of light and dark infused with a resilient magic.

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Internal Guidance - Feeling Into The New Paradigm

  I feel like I’ve just finished a very intense and in depth master class. If the course had a title it would probably be something like, “Adapting To The New Paradigm - Reading Your Energy To Know What’s Working” .  It’s been a totally immersive, 8 week lesson that started with looking at how much money my husband and I have and allowing the number to freak us the fuck out. So much so, that the only alternative we felt we had was to sell our home. The minute we decided this, it felt unbelievably sad and we both experienced a huge amount of grief around the idea of letting this “family member” go.  After we worked through the grief, we set about engaging in a string of contract signing with several companies and individuals who wanted to buy our house. It was excruciating and confusing to watch each deal that we'd make, magically dissolve into big piles of steamy horse excrement. All the while, each step we took was bizarrely out of sync with our normal way of being in the world. O

Creating From The Inside Out

Hello and welcome!  I'm Stephanie and I am a Creative Transformation Guide, intuitive artist and writer. I have spent almost 3 decades practicing  process art  and I am passionate about using the creative process to assist others in finding their own wisdom and power so that they may live a more conscious and connected life, from the inside out.  I believe now more than ever as we navigate many global (and personal) paradigm shifts, that our creativity is vital and can be used as a tool to tap into our most authentic/Divine self.  Every single one of us is born with a creative spark nestled within. That doesn't mean we will all be artists selling our creations in galleries or writing novels. What is does mean is we ALL have the capability to create.  WE ARE CREATORS AND ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN WE KNOW.  Something happens when we decide to create just for the sake of creating. Because there is no pressure to make something pretty or have it mean anything, the brain gets busy play

Redbubble Shop

I've just opened a Redbubble shop! This has been something I resisted for a LONG time. But now it feels like this is just what happens next.  It feels scary and vulnerable and totally right. A few of the designs are what I would consider channeled in that I didn't have much of a hand it what came out and also, they because they are infused with light, which is totally new for me. And there are some images from my altered books that were all about expressing what I was feeling in the moment.  I would love it if you took a few minutes to check it out!