A Sturdy Golden Thread

 These past few weeks I can honestly say I see movement and growth resulting from this process work that I do. Believe me, there are days when I wonder why the hell I bother because it feels like nothing is moving and none of it makes sense. But lately, I get it! For me it's about being able to go within and validate and nourish myself instead of looking outside somewhere for my sense of security or to feel like I matter. I am not saying I am in this place all the time. What I am saying is that when I am there, it's an amazing feeling because it's REAL. It is my truth and it's solid and strong. I don't have to worry about someone else's approval or live with a subtle fear that a person or place outside of me might take that approval away. I can feed myself and I am not going anywhere. 
THIS is why I do the shadow work and am curious about the dark stuff that resides deep within me. I am starting to mend all the torn and tattered pieces of myself back together with a sturdy, golden thread and what is being created is a beautiful tapestry of light and dark infused with a resilient magic.

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