The Walkabout

A Journey Of  Wandering Back To Yourself  

Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be? - Charles Bukowski

“I feel like this is a safe space. And I feel like it’s a BIG space, big enough for all of our humanness and weirdness and lostness and foundess. You are with me through the freak-outs and stumbles, and you are also there cheering me on with my successes. Going down into the darkness and coming up into the light, there’s room for all of it here.” – Brenda

What Is The Walkabout

The Walkabout is a 12 or 6 month, on-line correspondence/spirit quest you take with Sarah Oblinger and Stephanie Gray, using creativity as a tool for self-discovery. We join you on a sacred journey you take from your home into the most ordinary parts of life by unwinding down to your core and the wisdom that is innately yours, because it is you.
We invite you to join us as we commit to being real, vulnerable and open using art, movement and words to meet our lives as they naturally unfold (we’re taking our own Walkabout right along with you). It’s an online adventure of creative self-discovery with no plan or playbook, just some art supplies, an art journal or altered book and the willingness to show up – just as you are.

 Options and Pricing (Sign Up Any Time)

12 months $350 / 6 months $250

  • Support: 3 monthly emails from Sarah and Steph sharing their journey with you along with the chance to connect with them personally in a private email or 30 mins online via Zoom.
  • Connection: Monthly 2 hour Zoom studio group sessions with Steph and Sarah – giving you the chance to talk about the prompts and to do some creating.
  • Balance: Weekly 1 hour silent studio sessions Sunday mornings

Who Walks About:

  •  Anyone ready to create real and sustainable change in their lives. (a monthly check in is required)
  •  Anyone ready to meet the alive and sacred space in themselves, using process art as a way to reach it.
  •  Anyone with a desire to cultivate the ordinary sacredness in their daily lives.
  • Anyone who believes image, metaphor and symbols offer deep healing.
  • Anyone ready to discover who they were before the world told them who to be.

What Pe
ople Are Saying:

“Your words of support, encouragement, validation and options have brought tears of gratefulness to my eyes. I am taking your words in, much more than I ever have (which is growth I am sure). As you know, risking and trusting leads to vulnerability, which is scary but part of the life that I am searching for and little by little I believe I am creating that ."– Michelle
I can’t imagine even trying to get through the next year without my little art community to help remind me who I am! – Randee
“The real work seems to come after the realization, the practice and for me something that has been very hard, the willingness to be alone with my feelings of uncomfortable. I have some big work to do yet. To really go inside when I want to rush out, to dig deep in to my own crevices to find the calm and certainty.” – Carla
“I love you two. I have these amazing conversations with you daily and strongly feel your presence. I like being held accountable to myself…I know you’re not doing anything but showing up as you are…and that encourages me to do the same.” – Flay
“I find this so wonderful! By hearing your letters to each other, we feel connected and less alone.” – Justine
“It’s there, present in me throughout my days, even when my days are crazy.” – Heather

  Enrollment is on-going so your start date can be the beginning of ANY month.

Walk for 12 or 6 months

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