Body Meets Soul (Online) Sundays and Wednesdays

You are okay. Right now, as you are. 

Life is changing - in so many areas and so quickly. For a lot of us things are feeling unfamiliar and unsettled. Figuring out what is true can seem confusing. However, there is one constant and that is YOU. When you discover your own unique rhythms and truths, you begin to discern what is true for you and to live an authentic life, from the inside out.

Body Meets Soul Sessions provide the time and space for you to come home to yourself through the creative process with weekly, online, silent creative support within a safe and sacred container, where you are free to create and discover your own wisdom again. 

Sarah Oblinger and Stephanie Gray meet you as you are, where you are with process art making (Wisdom Books) writing prompts, sensing exercises and conversation. 

Your life has its own pace, moving at its own speed - sometimes fast; sometimes slow. You possess the wisdom and courage to live your life as you want and as it is.

Becoming real and tender with yourself thaws what holds you in place and integrates your body and soul. Wholeness is the goal; not perfection.

What Makes This Unique

 A mini retreat - like experience from your own home every week.

Sarah and Steph are two of the best self-discovery allies you'll ever have. Working their own self - discovery practices for over 20 years, they know the potency of (and resistance to) showing up, feeling vulnerable and being present. They meet you right where you are and offer support and sustenance while you weave your ordinary and spiritual life together in magical and potent ways AND they're walking their own self-discovery journeys right along with you.

Here's What You Get

We are currently offering a Sunday Mornings AND a Wednesday Mornings (Or Choose Both!)

Each month your session will include:

  • 4 - 8 online silent studio sessions (the 2nd Sunday and Wednesday are longer and include group sharing) 
  • A writing prompt/somatic explorations unique to each morning
  • A link to videos created by Sarah and Steph that include a studio jump start with writing prompts, sensing exercises and studio conversations about their own process.
*As a participant you will need a creative space set up in your home, affordable craft supplies. a solid internet connection and an old book to alter or an art journal.

Here's a Taste Of The Videos You'll Receive

Unedited directly after working in the studio

Options and Pricing (Monthly and On-going)

If you are serious about calling yourself back home and re - establishing connection to your own truth via the creative process, money should NOT stand in your way. Body Meets Soul Sessions are for everyone, offering affordable pricing within a sliding scale.

As we navigate through the COVID-19 crisis, BMS will be using a sliding scale of $5 - $20 a month for both days. If the minimum isn't possible for you to pay at the moment please email us. (See Below)

  Enrollment is on-going so your start date can be the beginning of ANY month. 

To register, email us HERE 

Or pay with Pay Pal via this button:

                                       Pay Instantly Here


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