Heart Journaling - Altering Books As Creative Self Discovery

What Is HeArt Journaling?

HeArt Journaling is heart and soul centered art journaling using process art principles and our intuition to guide us. This way to creative self discovery can happen during a 1x1 session or in an online option
Basically,  We Are Creating Wisdom Books. 
Using writing prompts designed to drop us down into the deep knowing of the heart along with active listening and gentle facilitation, we will create in used books with various mediums (watercolors, paint pens, magic markers, rubber stamps, collage materials…) We create from the inside out, crafting a sacred space in which to discover the unique, creative magic that resides within us all.

A Peek Inside One of My Altered Books

Still curious? Here's a blog post  about why I love working in old books 
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Here’s what people are saying about HeART Journaling:

“I felt so good when I got home that it made me realize that I have no idea how much I might be struggling/suppressing/ignoring until I get to class and notice such a huge difference when we are done.”
– MB Overland Park, KS

“Thank you so much for this opportunity and for helping me get this stuff out.  I  feel amazing!”
– CW Mission, KS

” Whether I connect in person or online this is a life-line for me. Thank you!”
– AH Kansas City, MO

“Stephanie has such a compassionate and gentle way of guiding me to my own knowing. She knows the territory of the inner world and all that can happen on the way to stepping deeply into ourselves.  I know in a session that anything and everything that is within me is welcomed. I feel grounded in my body and intuition during and after my sessions with Steph. I also always feel her unwavering commitment and wise patience with the process as it unfolds moment to moment. “
     – Leela Haris, Kansas City, MO (Dalian Method Healing Facilitator) 

“Stephanie provides a safe, alluring studio in a forest like setting.  Her insightful questions will help you appreciate what is enfolding on the paper.  Our world with its frantic pace and rewarding of productive activity keeps us away from creative activities.  Creativity is needed in everyone’s life.  I personally would not feel the peace as well as the emotions without process art in my life.”
– Therese, Overland Park, KS 

“My work with Stephanie has been instrumental in helping me heal life wounds that I have no words for.  Stephanie’s non-judgmental nature, gentle inquiry, commitment to the process and deep respect for the sacredness of her work provide a safe container to be with whatever is up in my life.”  
      – Karen, Overland Park, KS 

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