Navigating The New World With Art Making ( 1x1 Sessions)

Are you looking for help in navigating this new world? Do you feel a pull to be part of creating what’s to come? Me too! Let’s do this together.

I believe we are in the beginning stages of a great transition, an evolution affecting us as individuals and our personal belief systems, as well as our society and our planet as a whole. Transitions are often messy and painful like the birthing process itself. Things may initially appear chaotic and feel unfamiliar and confusing and there will be expansion and contraction as the old begins to die away and the new slowly takes its place. 

For me, the only way through this is to go within and become curious about who it is that dwells in the innermost levels of my being. Getting to know my most sacred and powerful self, the one who holds abundant wisdom and is able to discern truth, will provide me what I need in these times. Does this sound like something you’d like to practice with me? 

 I provide creative tools for shifting times and offer assistance for individuals who are ready to  transmute old fears and emotions and/or looking for ways to remain solid in their truth as well as to feel a sense of balance during these times. 

I combine process art-making, creative writing, active listening, heart-based questioning and over 20 years of my own self-discovery practice to assist you in living a more heart - centered life, cultivating awareness of your sacred self. I encourage you to feel instead of think and from this place we’ll tap into your inner wisdom that knows exactly what serves you best.

  We ALL hold the wisdom we need for this life - so I don’t call myself a teacher. However because of my own creative self-discovery practice, I would consider myself a guide - someone safe to help you as  you discover how to tap into your own truth and wisdom and discover what moves you deeply.

I have no attachment to how you want to creatively show up for yourself - collage, art journaling, painting - and no art experience is necessary.  I will be using basic process art principals to help navigate our creative journey together. 

 I am confident alchemy will occur as we play with color and get curious. With time, this practice can become a sacred practice guiding you back home to your true self.

For more information please visit the event page on Nectar HERE

1x1 sessions are currently offered online only via Zoom for $50 an hour. Time slots are available Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays  9am CST - 4pm CST  Contact me  with questions or to set up an appointment.



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