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Why I Write About My Messy Truth

Sometimes, I will write about my wounding because right in the middle of it. Right there where I my POWER. 

I know it can be hard to witness sometimes. It might feel like too much and it may even touch a nerve in you. Good. Let it touch that nerve. Let that discomfort inform you. Noticing can lead to greater awareness.

I'd like to say I am healing....but I don't know if that's the most accurate way to describe what is happening. I actually feel as if I am calling broken shards of myself back home. Letting them know the coast is clear and it's safe to return. This is my journey to embodied wholeness.

Why do I feel the need to share this on the internet? I am guessing there is more than one reason.

 One reason is probably because I have lived most of my life wanting to stay small and invisible - if you are small and invisible you don't rock the boat and you aren't abandoned. As I begin to call these bits of myself back home and recover my medicine is to allow myself to be truly seen and heard. 

I also feel that sharing my messy truth could help others. PERHAPS...if someone discovered here that this shy, unassuming good girl (who spent the majority of her life looking outside of herself for identity, love and truth) was finding the courage to uncover her authenticity, then maybe they could too.

And maybe I share this stuff online because I believe it's important for us to tell our story - not all the gory details and not as a way to stay stuck in the middle,
 but the good bits that were tough to get through, yet gifted us with the most growth and power.

It's permission giving to be vulnerable. It bonds us to be vulnerable. It is human. It is sorely needed. It is DIVINE.

So here I am, in all my imperfect glory. Working on wholeness. Practicing the art of living. Loving myself one piece at a time.

 Please do not feel you need to fix me or that I write of my woundedness to engage your sympathy. This is me practicing my alchemy. 

Sometimes, I will write about my wounding because right in the middle of it. Right there where I my POWER. 


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